Heat treatment systems for press hardening

Vehicles with higher safety and lower fuel consumption

Customized heat treatment systems for press hardening
Enhancing vehicle safety, while cutting fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions through reduced weight – such are the challenges faced by the automotive industry today.
To meet these demands, engineers rely on high-strength steels that are shaped into safety-relevant structural bodywork components – e.g., A or B pillars, side intrusion beams, or door frame reinforcements – by press hardening technology.

For this, we supply automotive manufacturers and their suppliers with the perfect heat treatment system, thereby helping them to build safer and more environmentally friendly vehicles. Depending on given requirements, our equipment comes with indirect gas firing, electrical heating, or hybrid heating technology. The heat treatment process may take place under normal atmospheric conditions, protective gas, or dried air.

To date, we have built and delivered around 300 roller hearth furnaces for our customers’ press hardening needs.

In the press hardening segment we are the global market leader today.

Heat treatment systems for press hardening