Below you can read and download various technical press publications dealing with our heat treatment systems and our company.

1. January 2020

ams marketplace schwartz

Published in AMS Marketplace 2020

Issue 01/2020

1. October 2019

The thermal print principle

Published in AMS Central & Eastern Europe Supplement 2019

Issue 05/2019

2. October 2017

schwartz heat treatment systems enjoy worldwide demand from aluminum forging facilities

Published in „International Aluminium Journal“
Issue 10/2017

15. August 2017

Pressed for success – schwartz Heat Treatment Systems Asia

Published in „AMS – Automotive Manufacturing Solutions“
Issue September – October 2017

8. August 2017

Frank Donsbach joins the managing board at schwartz GmbH

Published in „International Aluminium Journal”
Issue 7-8 2017

20. November 2016

schwartz GmbH acquires manufacturer of heat treatment equipment

Published in „International Aluminium Journal”
Issue 10/2016

18. November 2016

Equipment for heat treatment of aluminum automotive suspension parts

Published in „heat processing”
Issue 4/2016

29. March 2016

Companies profile | schwartz GmbH

Published in „heatprocessing”
Issue 1/2016

20. September 2015

High-efficiency heat treatment systems from schwartz for aluminum parts

Published in „International Aluminium Journal”
Issue 9/2015